adam fleisher

Master, Chief Instructor Dr. Adam Fleisher is a registered 5th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu with the United Martial Arts Association of America. Silver Coin.

Chief Instructor Dr. Adam Fleisher has been training at United Kung Fu since 2011.

As a geriatric neurologist and dementia specialist, he is a well-known clinician and researcher. He has found his Kung Fu training to be of great benefit to his professional career, and brings the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi and Kung Fu to his patients, many of whom now participate in Tai Chi programs designed for the elderly to improve endurance, flexibility, stability, mental focus, and emotional balance. Through his training with United Kung Fu and United Tai Chi, Chief Instructor Dr. Fleisher has improved critical life skills that provide guidance and insight for being a leader in the community and a positive energy source within his family. He currently teaches the United Kung Fu and United Tai Chi & Wellness Curriculum in the Indianapolis area, where he brings these skills to new students while continuing his own training and personal development.