What Our Students Have to Say:

“When I was younger I was training in Tae Kwon Do. I had always aspired to achieve a Black Belt in Martial Arts. Unfortunately, I had to give up on that goal as my life took an unexpected turn. Feeling that I might be too old for Martial Arts, I discovered United Kung Fu. Throughout my training I gained the Self-Motivation and Confidence to acquire my first Black Belt. I could not have done this without the support of the amazing Instructors at United Kung Fu.

My family and friends have noticed a considerable reduction in stress as I have gained more confidence with respect to personal and work challenges.

Kung Fu has a rich and fascinating history along with practical self defense techniques. Every technique tells a story and behind every story is some of the best Instructors in Kung Fu.”

Sean Lukowski
Assistant Instructor
2nd Degree Black Belt – 8th Section

My personal victory is when I finally learned all of my 32 sword form.I found that training with United Kung Fu has brought my family closer. If you are considering training at United Kung Fu, I would say you have to be committed to train hard.
Tanner Furst

Red Belt – 2nd Stripe

“I was 50 years old when I started training at UKF. I met Grand Master Jerry Dibble and he explained how Kung Fu healed his injured body from a lifetime of doing other martial arts. I was very intrigued by his story because I had many injuries from years of military duties and sports, but I still wanted to learn self-defense without hurting myself further in the process. After two years of training at UKF I’m in much better physical shape and more confident about defending myself. Not to mention I have a new “family” of sorts, because I was sad to lose my military family when I retired from the Marine Corps. UKF has a welcoming, supportive, mindful warrior culture, which is perfect for me.

I have grown more fit and mindful over the past two years, and I think I carry myself with more confidence. This change in me has improved the quality of my relationships at home and work. When relationships improve, everyone benefits. Even though the people around me aren’t training, they are indirectly benefiting from my own training.

Kung Fu is a rich and ancient martial art, which makes it really interesting and fun to learn (there are a lot of cool moves!). It NEVER gets boring. There is always something new to learn to challenge both your mind and body.”

Valerie Bérubé

Red Belt

My training at United Kung Fu has motivated me to do things that have improved my life.  I am eating better, sleeping better, losing weight and in more control of my health.

My family (wife & daughter) see a renewed commitment in me.  I apply a Black Belt attitude in many small ways at the home.  This builds a stronger “I care about you” relationship.

If you are considering training at United Kung Fu – Do It!  United Kung Fu is more than just martial arts training.  You are a student, but always feel like a part of the United Kung Fu family.  Training at United Kung Fu is respectful, challenging and fun!

Bob Clark

Blue Belt

While training for my First Degree Black Belt, certain exercises showed me I was stronger than I thought.  But I was concerned also about speed.  The Black Belts looked really fast.  But, okay, I kept working on strength.  I came upon my Dragon progress evaluation. It seemed I flew through the form.  I asked: “What did I leave out?  How did I do it so fast?”  I did well.  I was shown some strength and it brought about some speed.

Since I have started training at United Kung Fu, I have become more grounded.  I can be counted on by my peers to be calmer during stressful times, and when I engage in the stress, I am much easier to redirect with a return to a calmer presence.

I would highly recommend training at United Kung Fu.  In one place, I have learned skills, gotten fit, and gained confidence.  The staff is exceptional.  The community, as a whole, has become like a family.  Everyone encourages others making United Kung Fu a highly positive environment.

Ramona Dewhurst

Instructor Trainee 2nd Degree Black Belt

I have been training at United Kung Fu for just about 7 years now. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience both physically and mentally.  I love that as I get older my body is actually getting stronger and more flexible.  I love that when I trip over the kids, dog, clothes, shoes, Legos, or whatever new thing is in the hallway/doorway, I can catch myself before hitting the ground.  I love that as a 42 year old woman I can still wrestle with my very strong son and win.  I love that I know how to defend myself and my family if I was ever in a threatening situation.  I love how Kung Fu challenges the mind to learn new things and allows the body to experience new types of movement that it never experienced before.

I love all the different modalities that we have learned and will continue to learn and with every modality the body gets stronger and more dynamic.  

2nd Degree Black Belt

When I’m tired when I get to Kung Fu, I leave energized and ready to take on the world.  I love how training relieves stress and anxiety and I love how going to Kung Fu every week reminds me of the values I want to maintain.  I am proud to be a 2nd Degree Black Belt and I’m looking forward to progressing with my Kung Fu until I am a Master of my Life and Kung Fu.

I have had many people over the last 7 years of training be inspired to train because they see what it has done for me and my family.  Through my commitment to Kung Fu my children are learning long-term commitment to a worthwhile cause.  I have encouraged women to sign up for the Women’s Self-Defense class and have showed techniques to my friends and family when they want to learn.  I usually keep the fact that I am a Second Degree Black Belt to myself, but when people find out they are extremely intrigued and want to learn more.  I’d always thought growing up it would be cool to be a Black Belt – come to find out that Kung Fu stands for hard work, anyone can do it and becoming a Black Belt just requires commitment and perseverance.

It is an amazing workout for the mind and body.  It will get you stronger in so many ways that are important for life.  We are all getting older, time will pass one way or another, why not do something productive with it and become a Black Belt?  It doesn’t take much of a commitment per week to make enormous strides in your well-being.  Moving the body consistently is so important as we age.  Don’t let life take control, take control of your life and get moving with purpose!  Kung Fu is a great way to exercise the body, expand the mind by learning new skills, train to defend yourself and have fun doing it!!! What more could you ask for?

Tina Nunziato

2nd Degree Black Belt

I started my training at United Kung Fu when I was just beginning my second grade year. At the time I was a very shy kid. My shyness was to the point where I would hide behind my parents at the grocery store. I didn’t want to talk to or be around people until my mom and sister finally convinced me to join United Kung Fu. The decision changed my life and my childhood. As time went on, I started to come out of my shell little by little. With UKF, I grew more confident and was getting some really great physical activity.

A big part of my training at United Kung Fu is a program called Teen CIT, and during this program, I am required to do something called good deeds. Good deeds are basically things you do to help out or simply brighten a friend, family member’s, or even a stranger’s day. I believe good deeds impact the people around me because people now see me as a person that is willing to help them in whatever way I can.

United Kung Fu is a lot of fun and I recommend trying it.

Carley Lind
Teen Instructor
2nd Degree Black Belt

After battling cancer, I enrolled in kung fu for longevity purposes. My lungs were damaged from the chemo and my cardio pulmonary was 12 years older than my actual age. I did many different forms of exercise to get back in shape and to improve my breathing…hiking, yoga, boot camp, running, etc. I even tried a sprint triathlon. After doing kung fu for one year, my cardio pulmonary improved by two years. After my second year of kung fu, my cardio pulmonary improved by four more years. That is a six year improvement in just two years!
Laurie Heeley

Assistant Instructor, Black Belt

“As Aiden’s Father, I have noticed a marked improvement to Aiden’s self-confidence. He’s fallen in love with his training and his concentration & commitment to a task has jumped up levels above his past efforts. He hates missing a training day. His muscle control has improved as well. Kung Fu will most likely be a part of his lifestyle going forward, and we as a family are proud of his efforts thus far. United Kung Fu has delivered on its promise of providing a martial arts experience built on Knowledge and Respect. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aiden’s Confidence is emerging and I love to see it. He has always been a respectful child, but these days he looks people in the eye a lot more and helps more often because he notices things that need to be done without being told. The entire family has noticed his excitement and that change has lifted all our spirits. We have always been proud of this boy but seeing him being proud of himself makes all of us happier than I can explain. Thank you United Kung Fu!”

Aiden Nastri (14)
Green Belt – 1st Stripe

Training for me is a welcome stress reliever. I sometimes jog at night with my kids. We live in a great neighborhood, but just knowing how to defend myself should anything happen gives me peace of mind. The benefits are infinite. I highly recommend.

Chanel Wajand

Red Belt, 4th Stripe

It may sound corny, but my interest in martial arts began with watching the TV show Kung Fu in the 70’s.  When I had the opportunity to take a Shotokan Karate class in college, I was thrilled. I even continued my training at a local Dojo.  It has been a long time since those days and in recent years I found myself in a downward health spiral that I just chalked up to getting old.

Thanks to my wife’s encouragement to return to martial arts, I enrolled at United Kung Fu.  But to be honest, I was thinking I was probably too old for any serious training.  Fortunately, the instructors at United Kung Fu had more confidence in my potential.  I am experiencing a curriculum that is developing both my mind and body by gradually increasing the intensity and difficulty of the training.  After about 16 months of training (and a diet change) I have lost over 60 pounds while gaining significant strength and stamina.  I no longer feel too old for some serious Kung Fu training.

One unexpected benefit I realized from training at United Kung Fu is stress relief.  Either I had forgotten this aspect or did not fully experience it in my previous training years ago.  At United Kung Fu, my mind is completely focused during class, pushing out all other thoughts and burdens from the day.  This complete mental break from my never ending to-do list has a remarkable revitalizing effect, allowing me to re-engage with renewed energy and motivation.  I believe this has helped me to have a more positive attitude at work and at home which hopefully has reduced some of the stress for those around me.

I have to praise the dedication and concern of the instructors, as well as the camaraderie and support from my fellow students.  A few months into my training I injured my knee while doing some home repair work.  I was itching to get back to my training as soon as possible, but I was also a little worried about injuring my recovering knee.  When I returned to training after surgery, every instructor was aware of my situation and made sure I was avoiding anything that might hinder my healing and offered great tips for strengthening my leg muscles as I recovered.  My fellow students were careful to follow the instructor’s direction to keep me safe as we practiced self-defense techniques. Now that I am a few months post-surgery, I am feeling stronger and in better shape than ever.

Cris Stewart

Red Belt

I am a more confident leader, teacher and martial artist as a result of my training. If you are looking for a fun, but challenging workout that also encourages you to continually be learning something new and evolving on your journey to self-mastery, United Kung Fu is for you.
Melanie Lane

MD Instructor 3rd Degree Black Belt

Before my training, I couldn’t do push ups. Because of my training, I can now do eleven good push ups before I get tired. My family has noticed a big difference in my manners, my effort, and my discipline. My parents see that what I learn in training I use at home. It is fun, and we learn to defend ourselves. Our training teaches me how not to hurt myself. The instructors are helpful, very nice, and patient with us.
Kai Doyle

Black Shirt (Little Tiger)

Adyan achieved his white belt in four weeks. He listens more now. I checked out four kung fu schools. This is definitely the best in the area.
Monty & Adyan Ikram

White Belt/White Shirt

My personal victory story was when I went to my first weapon’s class.  I had a fun time and wanted to go again.  I started to learn a difficult but fun weapon’s form. My United Kung Fu training has brought my family closer. United Kung Fu is a family friendly environment, and everyone is always supporting each other to complete their training.
Hunter Buce

Blue Belt – 3rd Stripe