mindy lind

Head Instructor Dr. Lind started her Kung Fu journey in 2007 when she joined the yoga classes at United Kung Fu. After trying a Kung Fu class later that year, she earned her first degree black belt in Southern Shaolin Tiger and Crane in 2009 and her second degree black belt in Northern Shaolin Long Fist in 2010. She earned her 3rd degree in Yang Tai Chi 2013, and her 4th degree in both Wing Chun and Xing Yi in 2014.

She is also an instructor in 6 staff forms (and especially enjoys Wind Demon Staff and 5th Brother Staff) and 6 sword forms (including Tiger Tornado Broadsword).

She is a Distinguished Expert Marksman with handguns and a Certified Instructor in handgun, rifles and shotgun with Zen Marksmen.

She is an avid backpacker and has hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim 4 times – crediting her ability to do so to her martial arts training.

Her training philosophy is: “Don’t ever think it’s something you can’t do…I never pictured myself doing it! But persistent action will take you anywhere you want to go.”