mindy lind

Master Instructor Dr Mindy Lind is currently a registered 6th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu with the United Martial Arts Association of America. Gold Coin.

Master instructor Dr. Lind was born in Chilliwack BC, Canada, and was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1999 for graduate school at Midwestern University, and earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2002.

She started her Kung Fu journey in February 2007 when she initially enrolled in the yoga program with her first daughter Haley, then 8 years old. Shortly after enrollment, they tried a Kung Fu class and both fell in love with martial arts. Later her younger daughter, Carley, started training with them and both daughters have earned up through their 3rd Degree Black Belts. Needless to say, she is one proud mom!
Master Instructor Dr. Lind is currently a 5th degree who’s earned black belts in Southern Shaolin Tiger & Crane, Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Yang Tai Chi, Xin Yi & Wing Tsun, and Bagua respectively. She also teaches 18 weapon forms in staff, sword, and spear that were required for her degrees.

Master Instructor also trains with the Zen Marksman program in pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery. She is a certified NRA instructor in firearms and also earned the title of Distinguished Expert Marksman in pistol with the NRA through Zen Marksman.

Outside martial arts, she loves to backpack and has hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim several times.