puquan xiao

Grandmaster Xiao was born into a martial arts family, and began his kung fu training at an early age. He had learned various Wushu kung fu fighting techniques under a number of well-known martial arts instructors. At a young age, Grandmaster Xiao entered the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China to study Shaolin Kung Fu under the Reverend Shi Xing Chang, who was also a disciple of the famous Abbott De Chan. Grandmaster Xiao is a 33rd generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple. His Buddhist title is Shi Yong Kai.

As an OMD, Dr. Xiao is experienced in Chinese osteopathy, acupuncture, and herbs and has the mastery in Qi Gong to offer the best options for non-surgical treatment choices for patients seeking fast pain relief, strength renewal, rejuvenation, and encouraging the body’s own spontaneous healing. Dr. Xiao’s conviction has been energized by the successes of a huge number of patients he treated in Guang’ Anmen Hospital in Beijing, China (the top hospital and research facility in China for Traditional Chinese Medicine) and in his own practice in Arizona. Dr. Xiao has been honored as an emissary to promote Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Healing Arts to the World. He has been invited to lecture tours all over China including Tibet, Yunan, Guanxi, and more than 20 other provinces and regions in China. Dr. Xiao’s passion is to honor, facilitate, and assist patients in their quest to integrate Zen Meditation, Qi Gong, and martial arts therapeutic exercises into their lives to promote health improvement and maintenance activities.