kidteachersIf you talk to any child about school, the majority of them will tell you that their number one concern is making good grades. Our children are told early on that good grades equate to getting a good job or getting into a good school. The following “community service bulletin” was created from many sources and a panel of physicians to assist you in parenting an A student. Whether your child is a straight A student or not, the following 11 Success Strategies have been compiled to ensure your child’s ongoing success in all academic endeavors. 11. Track Your Child’s Behavior Patterns:
  • What does your kid do?
  • How many hours a night do they sleep?
  • Do they snore?
  • What did they have for lunch today?
  • How much homework do they usually have on Tuesday night?
  • When is their next math test?
  • How many hours of television did they watch last week?
  • How many hours did you spend with each of them last Thursday?
Did you know the answers to all of these questions? Now look at it from your child’s perspective. Your child wonders “Do I really have to go to bed at 8:00 o’clock tonight?”, “If I hardly saw Dad today I can resist my bedtime and get some attention…”, “I hope I can do well in school.”, “The corndogs for lunch today were great.”, “When can I go play with my friends?” Etc. So you see, their world is a world of cause and effect to which, most of the time, they are not consciously aware. It is up to us as parents to mold and sculpt the life of each little person we bring into the world so that they can achieve their highest potential. Sometimes the cause is not as clear as the effect. It is easy to see when they are not living up to their highest potential. One easy way to assess their overall progress and happiness can be to simply look at their grades andconduct at school. Is your child cranky every Wednesday? When and how are they not showing up at their highest potential? Look for recurring patterns
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • and seasonally
From these patterns, if you have the right tools you will be able to discern how to circumvent the negativity and live a higher quality of life for yourself and your children. Knowledge is knowing what it is, wisdom is seeing it coming. Remember: your kids are counting on you. Help is on the way. Read on! 10. The Old TV and Video Games Trick: During the week use TV and video game time sparingly. Keep your children engaged around the house.